1995 WWW Update --- Plots of cross sections and related quantities

Cut-off date for this update was September 1, 1995.

Please use this CITATION for the 1995 update.

FORMAT of the lines below:
(1994) means (version of 1994 edition)
(1995) means (revised or new section in 1995)

Cross-section plots

PostScript      gamma p, gamma d (1994)      (601kb)
PostScript      K- p,   K- d,   K- n (1994)      (608kb)
PostScript      K+ p,   K+ d,   K+ n (1994)      (508kb)
PostScript      Lambda p (1994)      (601kb)
PostScript      p p,   pbar p (1994)      (580kb)
PostScript      p n,   pbar n,   p d,   pbar d (1994)      (706kb)
PostScript      pi+ p,   pi+- d,   pi- p (1994)      (829kb)

Miscellaneous plots

PostScript      Annihilation cross section near mass of the Z (1994)      (337kb)
PostScript      Average e+ e-, p p, and pbar p multiplicity (1994)      (337kb)
PostScript      Direct gamma production in pbar p (1995)      (235kb)
PostScript      Fragmentation in e+ e- annihilation (1995)      (245kb)
PostScript      Heavy quark fragmentation in e+ e- annihilation (1995)      (337kb)
PostScript      Jet production in p p and pbar p interactions(1994)      (235kb)
PostScript      Pseudorapidity distributions in pbar p interactions (1994)      (235kb)
PostScript      R in e+ e- collisions (1994)      (153kb)

Structure function plots

PostScript      Deuteron structure functions (1995)      (198kb)
PostScript      Proton and nucleon structure functions (1995)      (275kb)
PostScript      Proton structure functions (1995)      (221kb)
PostScript      Spin-dependent structure functions (1995)      (140kb)


PostScript      Average hadron multiplicities (1995)      (76kb)
PostScript      Total cross sections (1994)      (37kb)

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