An alphabetical list of the authors for the 1996 Review of Particle Physics. Addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses are included for each individual (where known).


Manuel Aguilar-Benitez

Claude Amsler

Betty Armstrong (technical associate)

R. Michael Barnett

Philippe Bloch (steering committee)

Patricia R. Burchat

Christopher D. Carone

Carlo Caso

Gianni Conforto

Ronald L. Crawford

Simon Eidelman

Jonathan L. Feng

Stuart Freedman (steering committee)

Paul Gee (technical associate)

Christoph Grab

Donald E. Groom

Atul Gurtu

Kaoru Hagiwara

Gail Harper (administrative assistant)

Kenneth G. Hayes

Juan José Hernandez

Andrew Hicks (technical associate)

Ken-ichi Hikasa

Klaus Honscheid

J. David Jackson (steering committee)

Frederick James

Peter Lepage (steering committee)

John LoSecco (steering committee)

Gerald R. Lynch (steering committee)

Michelangelo Mangano

Aneesh Manohar

Klaus Mönig

Lucien Montanet

Hitoshi Murayama

Kenzo Nakamura

Keith Olive

Matts Roos

Rafe H. Schindler

Robert E. Shrock

George Smoot (steering committee)

Masaharu Tanabashi

Nils A. Tornqvist

Thomas G. Trippe

Gary S. Wagman

Charles G. Wohl

Ronald L. Workman


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