1995 WWW Update --- Reviews, Tables, and Plots in the Review of Particle Physics

Cut-off date for this update was September 1, 1995. See also this same index in alphabetical order.

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(1994) means (version of 1994 edition)
(1995) means (revised or new section in 1995)

Constants, Units, Atomic and Nuclear Properties

PostScript      Physical constants (1995)      (1p, 78kb)
PostScript      Astrophysical constants (1995)      (2p, 100kb)
PostScript      International System of units (1995)      (2p, 34kb)
PostScript      Periodic table of the elements (1995)      (1p, 89kb)
PostScript      Electronic structure of the elements (1995)      (2p, 82kb)
PostScript      Atomic and nuclear properties of materials (1995)      (2p, 88kb)
PostScript      Electromagnetic relations (1995)      (2p, 134kb)
PostScript      Naming scheme for hadrons (1994)      (4p, 62kb)

Standard Model and Related Topics

PostScript      Quantum chromodynamics (1995)      (23p, 279kb)
PostScript      Standard model of electroweak interactions (1995)      (25p, 331kb)
PostScript      Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa mixing matrix (1995)      (10p, 133kb)
PostScript      Quark model (1994)      (10p, 264kb)

Particle Properties

PostScript      Muon Decay Parameters (1994)      (7p, 74kb)
PostScript      tau-Decay Branching Fractions (1994)      (3p, 40kb)
PostScript      Quark Masses (1995)      (11p, 98kb)
PostScript      The Top Quark (1995)      (11p, 88kb)
PostScript      Pseudoscalar-Meson Decay Constants (1995)      (4p, 53kb)
PostScript      The Charged Kaon Mass (1994)      (4p, 492kb)
PostScript      Semileptonic Decays of D and B Mesons, Part I (1994)      (17p, 169kb)
PostScript      Semileptonic Decays of D and B Mesons, Part II (1995)      (14p, 115kb)
PostScript      Expt. Highlights of B Meson Production and Decay (1994)     (3p, 43kb)

Neutrino Physics

PostScript      Neutrinos (1994)      (14p, 108kb)
PostScript      No. of Light Neutrino Types from Collider Expts. (1995)      (2p, 34kb)
PostScript      Massive Neutral Leptons & Effects of Nonzero Neutrino Masses (1995)      (4p, 100kb)
PostScript      Limits from Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay (1995)      (2p, 73kb)
PostScript      Solar neutrinos (1995)      (6p, 126kb)

Rare and Hypothetical Processes

PostScript      Rare Kaon Decays (1995)      (7p, 80kb)
PostScript      CP Violation (1994)      (2p, 44kb)
PostScript      CP Violation in KS -> 3pi (1995)      (1p, 26kb)
PostScript      CP Violation in K0L Decay (1995)      (5p, 62kb)
PostScript      B0-Bbar0 Mixing and CP Violation in B Decay (1995)      (18p, 235kb)

Hypothetical Particles

PostScript      Constraints on new physics from electroweak analyses (1995)      (10p, 269kb)
PostScript      The Higgs Boson (1995)      (6p, 120kb)
PostScript      Supersymmetry (1995)      (14p, 114kb)
PostScript      Searches for Quark and Lepton Compositeness (1994)      (5p, 60kb)
PostScript      Axions and other Light Bosons (1995)      (3p, 46kb)
PostScript      Invisible A0 (Axion) (1995)      (5p, 125kb)
PostScript      The Z' Searches (1994)      (2p, 33kb)
PostScript      Non-q qbar Mesons (1994)      (6p, 57kb)

Astrophysics and Cosmology

PostScript      Big-bang cosmology (1994)      (4p, 59kb)
PostScript      Big-bang nucleosynthesis (new)      (8p, 198kb)
PostScript      The Hubble Constant (1995)      (9p, 80kb)
PostScript      Dark matter (1995)      (5p, 57kb)
PostScript      Cosmic background radiation (new, under construction)      (?, ?kb)
PostScript      Cosmic-ray fluxes (new, under construction)      (?p, ?kb)

Experimental Methods and Colliders

PostScript      High-energy collider parameters (1995)      (4p, 89kb)
PostScript      Passage of particles through matter (1994)      (22p, 699kb)
PostScript      Photon and electron attenuation plots (1994)      (2p, 335kb)
PostScript      Particle detectors (1995)      (21p, 299kb)
PostScript      Radioactivity and radiation protection (1994, under construction for 1995)      (1p, 116kb)
PostScript      Commonly used radioactive sources (1995)      (1p, 68kb)

Mathematical Tools

PostScript      Probability (1994)      (11p, 264kb)
PostScript      Statistics (1994)      (23p, 547kb)
PostScript      Monte Carlo techniques (1995)      (6p, 139kb)
PostScript      Monte Carlo particle numbering scheme (1994)      (2p, 93kb)
PostScript      Clebsch-Gordan coeff., sph. harmonics, and d functions (1994)      (1p, 212kb)
PostScript      SU(3) isoscalar factors and representation matrices (1994)      (4p, 51kb)
PostScript      SU(n) multiplets and Young diagrams (1994)      (3p, 85kb)

Kinematics, Cross-Section Formulae, and Plots

PostScript      Kinematics (1995)      (11p, 305kb)
PostScript      Cross-section formulae for specific processes (1994)      (7p, 125kb)
PostScript      Cross sections and related quantities, plots of (1995)      (goes to index)

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