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The Particle Data Group is an international collaboration charged with summarizing Particle Physics, as well as related areas of Cosmology and Astrophysics. In 2006, the PDG consists of 166 authors from 100 institutions in 19 countries.

The summaries are published in even-numbered years as a now 1200-page book, the Review of Particle Physics, and as an abbreviated version (320 pages), the Particle Physics Booklet. The Review is published in a major journal, and in addition the PDG distributes 16,000 copies of it and 31,000 copies of the Booklet. The Review has been called the bible of particle physics; over the years, it has been cited in 24,000 papers.

The Review includes a compilation and evaluation of measurements of the properties of the elementary particles. In the 2006 Review, the listings include 2,633 new measurements from 689 papers, as well as 21,926 measurements from 6,415 papers that appeared in earlier editions. Evaluations of these properties are abstracted in summary tables.

September 2006 Larger (with key)

December 2000 (Key) Larger

December 1996 (Key) Larger

Berkeley Team (January 1995) (Key) Larger

European Team (February 1996) (Key) Larger

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