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Particle Listings
in the 2006 Review of Particle Physics
Cut-off date for this update was January 15, 2006.

Please use this CITATION: W.-M. Yao et al. (Particle Data Group), J. Phys. G 33, 1 (2006) (bibtex)

* GAUGE AND HIGGS BOSONS (gamma, g, W, Z, ...)
* LEPTONS (e, mu, tau, neutrinos, heavy leptons ...)
* QUARKS (u, d, s, c, b, t, ...)
* MESONS (pi, K, D, B, psi, Upsilon, ...)
* BARYONS (p, n, Lambda_b, Xi, ...)
* OTHER SEARCHES (SUSY, Compositeness, ...)

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