Atomic and nuclear properties of materials:
Standard rock
QuantityValueUnits ValueUnits
<Z/A> 0.50000     
Density 2.65 g cm-3   
Mean excitation energy 136.4 eV   
Minimum ionization 1.688 MeV g-1cm2 4.472 MeV cm-1
Nuclear collision length 66.8 g cm-2 25.23 cm
Nuclear interaction length 101.3 g cm-2 38.24 cm
Pion collision length 92.9 g cm-2 35.05 cm
Pion interaction length 130.9 g cm-2 49.40 cm
Radiation length 26.54 g cm-2 10.02 cm
Critical energy 49.13 MeV (for e-) 47.74 MeV (for e+)
Molière radius 11.46 g cm-2 4.323 cm
Plasma energy 33.17 eV   
Muon critical energy 693. GeV   
Elem Atomic frac*Mass frac
Z = 11, A = 22.00
Along with density above, definition of standard rock

Explanation of some entries
For muons, dE/dx = a(E) + b(E) E. Tables of b(E): PS PDF TEXT
Table of muon dE/dx and Range: PS PDF TEXT
Note: Explanation of "Standard Rock."