Atomic and nuclear properties of materials:
Rutherfordium (Rf)
Atomic number 104  
Atomic mass [267.122(4)] g mole-1
Density ?? g cm-3
Mean excitation energy 1047.0 eV
Minimum ionization 1.084 MeV g-1cm2
Nuclear collision length 122.5 g cm-2
Nuclear interaction length 217.2 g cm-2
Pion collision length 145.2 g cm-2
Pion interaction length 243.2 g cm-2
Radiation length 5.47 g cm-2
Critical energy 6.21 MeV (for e-)
Molière radius 18.67 g cm-2
Plasma energy 67.28 eV
Muon critical energy 117. GeV
For muons, dE/dx = a(E) + b(E) E. Tables of b(E): PS PDF TEXT
Table of muon dE/dx and Range: PS PDF TEXT
Explanation of some entries
Note: Since there is no stable isotope, [atomic mass] is that of the longest-lived known isotope as of Jan 2007.
Note: Density 14.0 g/cm3 and Ieff = 1047 eV assumed in calculating critical energies and dE/dx.
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