Atomic and nuclear properties of materials:
Magnesium (Mg)
QuantityValueUnits ValueUnits
Atomic number 12     
Atomic mass 24.3050(6) g mole-1   
Density 1.74 g cm-3   
Mean excitation energy 156.0 eV   
Minimum ionization 1.674 MeV g-1cm2 2.913 MeV cm-1
Nuclear collision length 68.2 g cm-2 39.20 cm
Nuclear interaction length 104.1 g cm-2 59.84 cm
Pion collision length 94.2 g cm-2 54.13 cm
Pion interaction length 133.7 g cm-2 76.81 cm
Radiation length 25.03 g cm-2 14.39 cm
Critical energy 46.55 MeV (for e-) 45.25 MeV (for e+)
Molière radius 11.40 g cm-2 6.553 cm
Plasma energy 26.71 eV   
Muon critical energy 659. GeV   
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