Atomic and nuclear properties of moscovium (Mc)

Recognized by IUPAC on December 2015, name recognized November 2016.
Status of heaviest elements as of June 2017 (pdf)
Atomic number 115  
Atomic mass [289.19363(6)] g mol-1
Density ?? g cm-3
Mean excitation energy 1199.0 eV
Minimum ionization 1.092 MeV g-1cm2
Nuclear interaction length 223.1 g cm-2
Nuclear collision length 125.4 g cm-2
Pion interaction length 248.5 g cm-2
Pion collision length 147.9 g cm-2
Radiation length 5.01 g cm-2
Critical energy 5.73 MeV (for e-)
Muon critical energy 111. GeV
Molière radius 18.54 g cm-2
Plasma energy ωp 68.11 eV
For muons, dE/dx = a(E) + b(E) E. Tables of b(E): PDF TEXT
Table of muon dE/dx and Range: PDF TEXT
Explanation of some entries
Note: Density 14.0 g/cm3 and Ieff = 1199 eV assumed in calculating critical energies and dE/dx.
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