Atomic and nuclear properties of radon gas (Rn)
QuantityValueUnits ValueUnits
Atomic number 86     
Atomic mass [222.01758(2)] g mol-1   
Density (20° C, 1 atm) 9.066E-03 g cm-3   
Mean excitation energy 794.0 eV   
Minimum ionization 1.116 MeV g-1cm2 1.011E-02 MeV cm-1
Nuclear interaction length 204.3 g cm-2 2.253E+04 cm
Nuclear collision length 116.3 g cm-2 1.283E+04 cm
Pion interaction length 230.3 g cm-2 2.540E+04 cm
Pion collision length 139.4 g cm-2 1.537E+04 cm
Radiation length 6.28 g cm-2 693.2 cm
Critical energy 7.71 MeV (for e-) 7.43 MeV (for e+)
Muon critical energy 160. GeV   
Molière radius 17.30 g cm-2 1908. cm
Plasma energy ωp 1.71 eV   
Melting point 202.1 K -71.00 C
Boiling point @ 1 atm 211.4 K -61.70 C
For muons, dE/dx = a(E) + b(E) E. Tables of b(E): PDF TEXT
Table of muon dE/dx and Range: PDF TEXT
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Note: Since there are no stable isotopes, [atomic mass] is that of the longest-lived isotope known as of Jun 2017.
Table of isotopes via WIKIPEDIA
x ray mass attenuation coefficients from NIST