Michael's Photos

In the ATLAS Experiment cavern. Our Fundamental Particles chart as seen on The Big Bang Theory television show.
With Tom Hanks in the ATLAS experiment control room. The Mural of the ATLAS Experiment directly over the experimental cavern. Commissioned and completed while I was ATLAS Outreach Coordinator.
At the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm December 1999. Physics prize awarded to my friends Gerard 't Hooft and Martinus Vletman. A Neon sign we had created of an actual Higgs boson event recorded by the ATLAS experiment. It is for use in exhibition-type settings.
The fictional antimatter capsule used in the "Angels & Demons" movie as displayed in CERN Globe. The ATLAS control room (with me hiding in the back).
My talk at the so-called Pittcon international chemistry conference before an audience of 800 people in Philadelphia March 2013. At the announcement of the discovery of the Higgs boson simulcast at CERN and in Melbourne at the International Conference on High Energy Physics (where this photo was taken), July 2012.
The softball team of the theoretical physics group at SLAC (Stanford), year 1981? Lt. Governor John Garamendi of California (with Michael Barnett) holding a copy of the DOE book "Decade of Discovery" which is prominently displayed in the Governor's office in the Capitol Building. Garamendi is now in US Congress.
With U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (third from left), Nobel Laureate George Smoot on her left and other LBNL people. Discussing science and education with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who represents Berkeley and Oakland.
With former California Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (at Rep. Barbara Lee's birthday party). With former California Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown at convention.
With San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (center). With First Lady Sharon Davis (on left), the wife of then-California Governor Gray Davis.
With Senators Barbara Mikulski, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein (front row), and Senators Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Debbie Stabenow, Blanche Lincoln, and Mary Landrieu (back row), members of the U.S. Senate. With Assemblymember Herb Wesson (second from left), Speaker of the California Assembly at that time.
With then Representative Ellen Tauscher (on left), Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Michael's district (retired now).