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in the 1996 Review of Particle Physics

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To reduce the size of the following particles' PostScript files, we have divided them into several subfiles. We present the following indices:

Cosmic Rays (2 parts)

  1. Primary spectra, Cosmic rays in the atmosphere, Cosmic rays at the surface
     PostScript  (7 pages, 305kb)
  2. Cosmic rays underground, Air showers, References
     PostScript  (9 pages, 263kb)

Cosmic Background Radiation (2 parts)

  1. Introduction, Theoretical spectral distortions
     PostScript  (5 pages, 416kb)
  2. Deviations from isotropy, References
     PostScript  (7 pages, 214kb)

Passage of Particles through Matter (3 parts)

  1. Notation, Ionization energy loss by heavy particles, Restricted energy loss rates for relativistic ionizing particles
     PostScript  (7 pages, 315kb)
  2. Energetic knock-on electrons (delta rays), Ionization yields, Multiple scattering through small angles, Radiation length and associated quantities, Electromagnetic cascades
     PostScript  (9 pages, 297kb)
  3. Muon energy loss at high energy, Cerenkov and transition radiation, References
     PostScript  (8 pages, 254kb)

Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions (3 parts)

  1. Renormalization and radiative corrections, Cross section and asymmetry formulas
     PostScript  (12 pages, 148kb)
  2. W and Z decays, Experimental results,
     PostScript  (7 pages, 285kb)
  3. Deviations from the Standard Model, References
     PostScript  (7 pages, 178kb)

Statistics (3 parts)

  1. General, Data with a common mean, The method of maximum likelihood, Propagation of errors, Method of least squares
     PostScript  (10 pages, 115kb)
  2. Errors and confidence intervals
     PostScript  (6 pages, 251kb)
  3. Errors and confidence intervals (continued), References
     PostScript  (8 pages, 278kb)

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