Notes in the Particle Listings
in the 1996 Review of Particle Physics

Cut-off date for this update was January 15, 1996.

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Gauge and Higgs Bosons,  Leptons,  Quarks,  Mesons,  Mesons Resonances,  Baryons,  Searches.

Other topics are covered in the Reviews, Tables, and Plots and in the Particle Listings

Notes in the Gauge and Higgs Boson Listings

PostScript  The Z Boson  (12p, 93kb)
PostScript  The Higgs Boson  (6p, 118kb)
PostScript  The Z' Searches  (2p, 31kb)
PostScript  Axions and other Light Bosons  (3p, 44kb)
PostScript  Invisible A0 (Axion)  (6p, 123kb)

Notes in the Lepton Listings

PostScript  Muon Decay Parameters  (7p, 71kb)
PostScript  tau Branching Fractions  (7p, 63kb)
PostScript  tau-Decay Parameters  (1p, 27kb)
PostScript  Neutrinos  (15p, 114kb)
PostScript  The Electron Neutrino Mass  (2p, 25kb)
PostScript  No. of Light Neutrino Types from Collider Expts.  (2p, 32kb)
PostScript  Massive Neutral Leptons & Effects of Nonzero Neutrino Masses  (5p, 99kb)
PostScript  Sum of Neutrino Masses  (1p, 16kb)
PostScript  Limits from Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay  (2p, 70kb)
PostScript  Solar neutrinos Errata   (6p, 123kb)

Notes in the Quark Listings

PostScript  Quark Masses  (11p, 96kb)
PostScript  The Top Quark  (12p, 87kb)
PostScript  Free Quark Searches  (1p, 19kb)

Notes in the Meson Listings

(See below for Notes in the Mesons Resonances Listings.)

PostScript  Pseudoscalar-Meson Decay Constants  (5p, 52kb)
PostScript  pi+- -> lepton+- nu gamma and K+- -> lepton+- nu gamma Form Factors  (3p, 43kb)
PostScript  The Charged Kaon Mass  (4p, 97kb)
PostScript  Rare Kaon Decays Errata  (7p, 77kb)
PostScript  Dalitz Plot Parameters for K --> 3pi Decays  (1p, 29kb)
PostScript  K+-(lepton3) and K0(lepton3) Form Factors  (4p, 49kb)
PostScript  CP Violation in KS --> 3pi  (1p, 24kb)
PostScript  CP Violation in K0L Decay  (10p, 401kb)
PostScript  Delta S = Delta Q in K0 Decays  (1p, 17kb)
PostScript  D Mesons  (4p, 48kb)
PostScript  Production and Decay of b-flavored Hadrons  (13p, 128kb)
PostScript  Semileptonic Decays of B Mesons  (17p, 165kb)
PostScript  B0-Bbar0 Mixing and CP Violation in B Decay  (19p, 232kb)

Notes in the Meson Resonance Listings

PostScript  The rho (770)  (1p, 19kb)
PostScript  The a1(1260)  (2p, 27kb)
PostScript  Scalar mesons  (5p, 47kb)
PostScript  The f1(1420)  (2p, 28kb)
PostScript  The eta(1440)  (2p, 26kb)
PostScript  The rho (1450) and the rho (1700)  (2p, 30kb)
PostScript  The fJ(1710)  (1p, 27kb)
PostScript  The X(1900--3600) Region  (1p, 15kb)
PostScript  K*(892) Masses and Mass Differences  (1p, 17kb)
PostScript  The K2(1770) and the K2(1820)  (1p, 19kb)
PostScript  Width Determinations of the Upsilon States  (2p, 28kb)
PostScript  Non-q qbar Mesons  (6p, 58kb)

Notes in the Baryon Listings

PostScript  Baryon Decay Parameters  (4p, 52kb)
PostScript  N and Delta Resonances  (14p, 99kb)
PostScript  Baryon Magnetic Moments  (2p, 66kb)
PostScript  Lambda and Sigma Resonances  (5p, 107kb)
PostScript  The Lambda(1405)  (5p, 47kb)
PostScript  The Sigma(1670) Region  (1p, 24kb)
PostScript  Xi Resonances  (1p, 29kb)
PostScript  Charmed Baryons  (2p, 138kb)

Notes in the Search Listings

PostScript  Magnetic Monopole Searches  (1p, 21kb)
PostScript  Supersymmetry  (15p, 111kb)
PostScript  Searches for Quark and Lepton Compositeness  (5p, 58kb)
PostScript  Other Stable Particle Searches  (1p, 19kb)

See the Boson Particle Listings for searches for Higgs bosons, other heavy bosons, and axions and other very light bosons, the Lepton Particle Listings for searches for heavy leptons and for neutrino mixing, and the Meson Particle Listings for searches for top and fourth-generation hadrons.

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