Plots of cross sections and related quantities
in the 1996 Review of Particle Physics

Cut-off date for this update was January 15, 1996.

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Cross-section plots
 (Data files are courtesy of the COMPAS Group, IHEP, Protvino, Russia.)

PostScript  Hadronic and gamma p total (summary)  (277kb)
PostScript  gamma p (total, Data),  (88kb)
PostScript  gamma d (total, Data)  (88kb)
PostScript  K- p (total, Data),  K- p (elastic, Data)  (95kb)
PostScript  K- n (total, Data),  K- n (elastic, Data) (95kb)
PostScript  K- d (total, Data),  (95kb)
PostScript  K+ p (total, Data),  K+ p (elastic, Data)  (90kb)
PostScript  K+ n, (total, Data)  (90kb)
PostScript  K+ d (total, Data)  (90kb)
PostScript  Lambda p (total, Data),  Lambda p (elastic, Data)  (88kb)
PostScript  p p (total, Data),  p p (elastic, Data)  (101kb)
PostScript  pbar p (total, Data),  pbar p (elastic, Data),  (101kb)
PostScript  p n (total, Data),  p n (elastic, Data),  (84kb)
PostScript  p d (total, Data)  (84kb)
PostScript  pbar n (total, Data),  pbar n (elastic, Data)  (84kb)
PostScript  pbar d (total, Data)  (84kb)
PostScript  pi+ p (total, Data),  pi+ p (elastic, Data)  (120kb)
PostScript  pi- p (total, Data),  pi- p (elastic, Data)  (120kb)
PostScript  pi+- d (combined) (pi- d total Data,  pi+ d total Data)  (120kb)

Miscellaneous plots

PostScript  Annihilation cross section near mass of the Z  (314kb)
PostScript  Average e+ e-, p p, and pbar p multiplicity  (314kb)
PostScript  Direct gamma production in pbar p  (219kb)
PostScript  Fragmentation in e+ e- annihilation  (228kb)
PostScript  Heavy quark fragmentation in e+ e- annihilation  (314kb)
PostScript  Jet production in p p and pbar p interactions  (219kb)
PostScript  Pseudorapidity distributions in pbar p interactions  (219kb)
PostScript  R in e+ e- collisions  (133kb)

Structure function plots

PostScript  Deuteron structure functions  (187kb)
PostScript  Proton structure functions (1 of 2)  (200kb)
PostScript  Proton structure functions (2 of 2)  (200kb)
PostScript  Spin-dependent structure functions  (236kb)


PostScript  Average hadron multiplicities  (49kb)
PostScript  Total cross sections Errata  (37kb)

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