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in the 1997 WWW Review of Particle Physics

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Cut-off date for this update was January 15, 1997. We have updated most Reviews for these Listings in late October 1997.

PostScript Files for the Leptons

e  mu  tau
nu_e  nu_mu  nu_tau
Heavy Charged Lepton Searches
Number of Light Neutrinos
Massive Neutrinos

*See below for details on file size, number of pages.

electron (3 pages, 48kb)
muon (13 pages, 145kb)
tau (goes to index)
Heavy Charged Lepton Searches (3 pages, 57kb)
nu(e) (8 pages, 110kb)
nu(mu) (5 pages, 67kb)
nu(tau) (6 pages, 83kb)
Number of Light Neutrino Types (3 pages, 49kb)
Searches for Massive Neutrinos (goes to index)
(and Lepton Mixing)

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