Particle Data Group

Errata for the 2008 Review of Particle Physics

C. Amlser et al., Physics Letters B667, 1 (2008)

During the time between editions of the Review of Particle Physics and the Particle Physics Booklet, we often find a number of errata. We correct most errata on our WWW pages. If you should find errata that are not known to us, please send mail to pdg @

Pages 228, 1316 of the full Review (page 3 of the Web version below):
    Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis    
  • (December 18, 2008): The bottom horizontal axis label of Figure 20.1 should read:
    Baryon-to-photon ratio η x 1010 (and not η x 10−10);

Pages 259, 1319 of the full Review (page 17 of the Web version below):
    Cosmic Rays    
  • (December 19, 2008): The vertical axis label of Figure 24.10 should read:
    E3dN/dE [m−2sr−1eV2] (and not eV−2)

Page 260 of the full Review (page 18 of the Web version below):
    Cosmic Rays    
  • (December 19, 2008): Reference [40] should read:
    40. BESS Collaboration (S. Haino et al.), Phys. Lett. B594, 35 (2004) (and not B527).

Page 340 of the full Review (page 276 of the DataBooklet, page 2 of the Web version below):
  • (December 23, 2008): Equation 38.12 should read:
    n(P; p1,...,pn) = dΦj(q; p1,...,pj) × dΦn−j+1(P; q, pj+1,...,pn)(2π)3 dq2
    (i.e. pj+1 and not pi+1 in the second phase space factor on the right hand side).