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  • The List by Particle Code (includes hidden particle codes)

  • The List in Book Order by Name
  • Light Unflavored Mesons  
  • Summary Table
  • Other Light Unflavored Mesons    
  • Strange Mesons
  • Summary Table
  • Charmed Mesons
  • Summary Table
  • Charmed, Strange Mesons
  • Summary Table
  • (c cbar) Mesons
  • Summary Table
  • (b bbar) Mesons
  • Summary Table
  • Non (q qbar) Candidates

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    The List in Book Order by Name

    or sigma
    rho(770)  omega(782)  eta'(958)  f(0)(980)
    a(0)(980)  phi(1020)  h(1)(1170)  b(1)(1235)  a(1)(1260)
    f(2)(1270)  f(1)(1285)  eta(1295)  pi(1300)  a(2)(1320)
    f(0)(1370)  h(1)(1380)  pi(1)(1400)
    was rhohat(1405)
    f(1)(1420)  omega(1420)
    f(2)(1430)  eta(1405) a(0)(1450)  rho(1450)  eta(1475)  f(0)(1500)
    f(1)(1510)  f(2)'(1525)  f(2)(1565)  rho(1570)  h(1)(1595)  pi(1)(1600)
    a(1)(1640)  f(2)(1640)  eta(2)(1645)  omega(1650)
    was omega(1600)
    omega(3)(1670)  pi(2)(1670)  phi(1680)  rho(3)(1690)
    rho(1700)  f(0)(1710)  a(2)(1700)  eta(1760)
    pi(1800)  f(2)(1810)  X(1835)  X(1840)  phi(3)(1850)  eta(2)(1870)  pi(2)(1880)  rho(1900)  f(2)(1910)
    f(2)(1950)  rho(3)(1990)  X(2000)  f(2)(2010)  f(0)(2020)  a(4)(2040)
    f(4)(2050)  pi(2)(2100)  f(0)(2100)  f(2)(2150)  rho(2150)  phi(2170)
    f(0)(2200)  f(J)(2220)  eta(2225)  rho(3)(2250)  f(2)(2300)
    f(4)(2300)  f(0)(2330)  f(2)(2340)  rho(5)(2350)  a(6)(2450)  f(6)(2510)

    Further States

    STRANGE MESONS (S = +-1, C = B = 0)
    K_0*(800)  K*(892)  K(1)(1270)  K(1)(1400)  K*(1410)  K(0)*(1430)
    K(2)*(1430)  K(1460)  K(2)(1580)  K(1630)  K(1)(1650)
    K*(1680)  K(2)(1770)  K(3)*(1780)  K(2)(1820)  K(1830)
    K(0)*(1950)  K(2)*(1980)  K(4)*(2045)  K(2)(2250)  K(3)(2320)
    K(5)*(2380)  K(4)(2500)  K(3100)

    CHARMED MESONS (C = +-1)
    D*(2007)0  D*(2010)+-  D*0(2400)0  D*0(2400)+-  D(1)(2420)0  D(1)(2420)+-  D(1)(2430)0
    D(2)*(2460)0  D(2)*(2460)+-  D(2550)0  D(2600)  D*(2640)+-  D(2750)

    D(s)*(2317)+-  D(sJ)(2460)+-  D(s1)(2536)+-  D(s2)(2573)+-  D(s1)*(2700)+-
    D(sJ)*(2860)+-  D(sJ)(3040)+-

    c cbar MESONS
    eta(c)(1S)  J/psi(1S)  chi(c0)(1P)  chi-psi-fit  chi(c1)(1P)  h(c)(1P)
    chi(c2)(1P)  eta(c)(2S)  psi(2S)  psi(3770)  X(3823)  X(3872)  X(3900)+-  X(3900)0
    chi(c0)(2P) [X(3915)]  chi(c2)(2P)  X(3940)  X(4020)+-  psi(4040)  X(4050)+-
    X(4140)  psi(4160)  X(4160)  X(4240)+-  X(4250)+-  X(4260)
    X(4350)  X(4360)  psi(4415)  X(4430)+-  X(4660)

    b bbar MESONS
    eta(b)(1S)  Upsilon(1S)  chi(b0)(1P)  chi(b1)(1P)  h(b)(1P)  chi(b2)(1P)  eta(b)(2S)  Upsilon(2S)
    chi(b0)(2P)  chi(b1)(2P)  h(b)(2P)  chi(b2)(2P)  Upsilon(3S)  chi(b)(3P)  Upsilon(4S)
    X(10610)+-  X(10610)0  X(10650)+-  Upsilon(1D)  Upsilon(10860)  Upsilon(11020)

    Non-q qbar Candidates

    The List by Particle Code

    M001   M002   M003   M004   M005   M006   M007*   M008   M009
    M010   M011 M012 M013 M014 M015 M016 M017   M018 M019
    M020 M021 M022 M023 M024 M025 M026 M027 M028 M029
    M030 M031* M032 M033 M034 M035 M036 M037 M038 M039
    M040 M041 M042 M043 M044 M045 M046* M047 M048 M049
    M050 M051* M052 M053 M054 M055 M056 M057 M058 M059
    M060 M061 M062 M063* M064 M065 M066 M067 M068 M069*
    M070 M071 M072 M073 M074 M075 M076 M077 M078 M079
    M080 M081 M082 M083* M084 M085 M086* M087* M088 M089
    M090 M091 M092 M093 M094 M095 M096* M097 M098 M099
    M100* M101 M102* M103 M104 M105 M106 M107 M108 M109
    M110* M111 M112 M113* M114 M115 M116* M117 M118* M119
    M120 M121 M122* M123 M124* M125 M126 M127* M128* M129
    M130* M131* M132* M133* M134 M135 M136* M137* M138* M139*
    M140* M141* M142 M143* M144 M145* M146 M147 M148 M149
    M150 M151* M152 M153* M154 M155* M156 M157* M158 M159
    M160 M161 M162 M163* M164 M165* M166 M167 M168 M169
    M170 M171 M172 M173 M174 M175 M176 M177 M178 M179
    M180 M181 M182 M183* M184* M185 M186* M187* M188 M189
    M190 M191 M192 M193 M194 M195 M196 M197 M198 M199
    M200 M201 M202* M203 M204 M205 M206 M207 M208 M209*
    M210 M211 M212 M213 M214 M215 M216 M217* M218* M219*
    M220* M221*
    * hidden particle and/or particle number unavailable

    Meson Notes: Received

    Note002 Note003 Note004 Note006 Note007 Note008 Note009
    Note011 Note012 Note013 Note014 Note015 Note016 Note017 Note018 Note019
    Note020 Note021 Note022 Note023 Note024 Note025 Note027 Note028 Note029
    Note031 Note032 Note033 Note035 Note036 Note037 Note038 Note039
    Note040 Note042 Note043 Note044 Note046 Note048 Note049
    Note052 Note053 Note054 Note055 Note056 Note057 Note058 Note059
    Note060 Note062 Note063 Note064 Note065 Note066 Note067 Note068 Note069
      Note073 Note075 Note077 Note078
      Note081 Note082 Note083 Note084 Note085 Note086 Note087 Note088
      Note091 Note092 Note093 Note094 Note096 Note097
      Note102 Note103 Note104 Note106 Note107 Note109

    Meson Notes: Encoded

    Note002 Note008
    Note020 Note021 Note024 Note025 Note027 Note028 Note029
    Note037 Note038
    Note052 Note053 Note055 Note058 Note059
    Note064 Note065
      Note081 Note082 Note084 Note088
      Note107 Note109

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